Meshtech’s system and product portfolio enables analytics of everyday objects, people and physical systems for your infrastructure

Meshtech delivers an end-to-end IoT system

Our IoT mesh network utilizes the proven and trusted Bluetooth ecosystem to enable the creation of industrial-grade device networks. With Meshtech wide hardware selection and proprietary protocol adaptions we are able to take full control over this device network and for two way communication while keeping power consumption low. This further allows us to gather data and control our nodes to the specific need of our customers.





The Nodes

The Network

The Cloud

The Business Impact


Imagination is the only limitation to the use cases of the Swiss Army Knife of sensor trackers


Meshtech utilizes Bluetooth Low Energy or BLE as it allows for a meshed device to device range from 40-400m while running on coin-cell type batteries with a battery life span on up to 5 years. Our network topology can be used for establishing tree or mesh based device communications. The Meshtech topology enables the creation of large-scale device networks and is ideally suited for control, monitoring, and automation systems where tens, hundreds, or thousands of devices need to reliably and securely communicate with one another. BLE is also used and supported by all major operating systems such as iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Blackberry, OS X, Linux and Windows 8, BLE uses fast, low energy usage while maintaining the communication range.

The Meshtech gateway connects legacy and next-gen IoT devices to the internet or cloud provider. They integrate protocols for network translation, device management and help facilitate data flow securely between edge devices and the cloud. The Meshtech gateway further supports remote upgrade of it’s on software and the software of the devices connected to it to ensure flawless interaction and stability.

The Meshtech Backend can run on the gateway hardware directly or ideally at the cloud provider of choice where it processes all data provided by multiple Mesh networks and allow you to store, view, and perform further computation of the data gathered.

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