Smart Lightning Systems in a Modern House

Smart lightning is a inalienable part of modern house and it's smart systems. Based on IoT technologies smart lightning systems enables to minimize and optimize light and energy consumption allowing the householder to control remotely lightning as well as heating and cooling.

Such systems provides customer with great opportunity to decrease expenses on electricity as well as they provide certain level of comfort and convenience.  Also, the concept of smart lightning assumes usage of sun power and natural lightning utilization to minimize the use of man-made lightning.

Controlling systems for such smart lightning do a lot smart job. For example, one of the main features of such systems is motion sensors.

Basically smart lightning system consists of a motion detector, an electronic control unit, and a controllable switch/relay. The detector senses motion and determines whether there are occupants in the space. It also has a timer that signals the electronic control unit after a set period of inactivity. The control unit uses this signal to activate the switch/relay to turn equipment on or off.

The control unit can be controlled with web-application or native iOS and Android application using wi-fi. It can be switched on/off, color temperature can be changed. It is possible to control lightning in different zones, adjust timers for different devices just with a help of smartphone or desktop. The latest BLE protocol allows devices to be connected in one mesh and "communicate" each other making smart light system even more efficient and flexible.


Smart lightning is a inalienable part of modern house and it’s smart systems.