MT MeshConnect 2021

Paving the way for NB-IoT & LTE M


Meshtech is soon launching a new NB-IoT/LTE M Gateway, which is a joint collaboration with Nordic Semiconductor and Telenor. The MT MeshConnect 2021 will be battery and/or wall powered, GPS enabled and Bluetooth 5.0 compatible.

Technical specifications:

• Supports BLE 4.X and BLE 5.0
• Power: 5V/USB-C
• Battery life up to 10 years
• LTE modem compliant with 3GPP
• LTE release 13/14 Cat-M1/Cat-NB1 and Cat-NB2 standards
• NB-IoT and LTE M
• GNSS (GPS etc.)
• IP 65


•Real-time location tracking
• Motion detection
• Asset tracking
• Easy to mount

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