Østsiden Sykehjem

Nursing Call System for Østsiden Sykehjem

Meshtech provides multiple applications for patients and staff. Our focus is to increase the patient`s safety and make the staff work more efficiently.

Both nursing staff and patients can wear Meshtech’s wristbands or pocket clips. For patients, it can be used for tracking and warning when a patient with dementia patient exits the premises. For staff, the wristband is a Personal Safety Alarm for personnel working within psychiatry, substance abuse, or dementia.

Pushing the alarm on the wristband, sends immediate signal to duty room with pinpointed position.

Together with our partner Sensio, Meshtech has delivered a pilot system with Meshtech Core Technology within welfare applications to a nursing home in the county of Fredrikstad (Østsiden sykehjem).

The delivery from Meshtech consists of BLE Tracking Units worn by the nurses, sending signals to Meshtech’s meshed network of battery driven devices. In addition, Meshtech tracking information is delivered to our clients through our standardized API.

The contract in Fredrikstad is the first of several public welfare contracts won by Sensio, where Meshtech solution will be implemented within 2016-2017.

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