Maritime Solutions

Meshtech can provide real time tracking system for passengers and crew and automatic registration of passengers during mustering on rigs and ships. The time needed for lifeboat drills is reduced dramatically. Passengers can trigger an alarm by pushing the button on the wristband/tag. Live position is displayed instantly, and messages can be sent to individuals, to groups, to people in a certain area, or to all passengers.

Platform / Rig

The Initial target is Cost reduction and improvement of HSE offshore.

Meshtech offers Real time tracking of the crew. In addition to having a high focus on HSE, the oil and gas industry is actively seeking technology solutions to reduce cost and investments. Meshtech can address both of these aspects. Our technology is optimized for alarming individuals, groups, personnel in certain areas, or everybody on board. Automatic, electronic registration and update by the mustering area and lifeboats. Mustering can be done in half the time. By using battery powered Meshtech Access Points with 3 years lifetime, the contingency team will know exactly where a missing person is and can start critical emergency work at the right place.

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