About us

With Industrial IoT, hundreds of billion devices will come online.

Meshtech’s solutions provide our customers with the most reliable, optimized and technology driven wireless infrastructure in the market.

The Meshtech Bluetooth low energy Tracking system uses meshed network technologies to provide a position indicator that can be interfaced by external systems and used in multiple applications. The system is modular and scalable, and consists of a structure of linked components like Bluetooth low energy Access Points, Gateways and server modules.

The Management of Meshtech has, more than 30 years experience with development of products for the electronic industry. We use cutting edge technology with unique software running on the best components in the market. Our main office is located among the technology clusters in the Southern part of Norway, and we have development offices in Lithuania, Pakistan and India.

We are a privately owned company. Our shareholders include founders, management shareholders and private investors.

Vision &
Business Idea

Meshtech has an ambition to develop an Industrial Bluetooth low energy wireless communication platform that can be used to track people and objects, and to transport other sensor information wireless at a reduced cost compared to existing solutions.

Our vision:

Supplier of best in class Bluetooth based communication platform


Address market through strong and industry leading partners.


Become preferred communication platform within targeted industrial markets.

Meshtech is constantly innovating and improving, inspired by customer input.